Minutes of the Meeting of South Walsham Parish Council held on

 Monday, 3rd August 2015 in the Village Hall at 6:45pm.




Malcolm Dennis       John Debbage         Rod Russell              Malcolm Steward    

Peter Crook               Darren Debbage      Debra Dennis (Clerk)


  1. 1.    Apologies:   Roger Jones


  1. 2.    Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda: MD & DD item 5.


  1. 3.    Public Forum: no comments.


  1. 4.    Planning Matters:

a)    Application 20157171 UK Power Networks. Overhead line diversion, Mill Rd. 

Approved, no objections.


  1. 5.    Proposal for resurfacing the track alongside the village hall and the rear car park:

MD reported that the Village Hall had agreed to contribute the requested £2,000.

Following consideration of options and relevant quotes, an overall Project Budget of £10,000 was Unanimously Agreed (£8000 from parish council, £2000 from village hall). 

MS to project manage within this budget, ideally to secure:-

a)     tarmac surfacing of road alongside village hall and a strip of the same width, up as far as the gate

b)     gravel or gravel and matting solution to resurfacing the rear car park and extension towards the playing field.

Four options to be priced up:-

  1. 1.    Tarmac alongside the Village Hall
  2. 2.    Tarmac same width strip to gate as well
  3. 3.    Gravel all rear car park including extension piece
  4. 4.    Gravel main piece of rear car park and matting for the extension.

Village Hall Trustees approval to be secured by MD.

Preferred option - provided it is within budget - to be agreed by councillors via email during the  next week, for expediency.


  1. 6.    Proposal for Emergency Safety Measures as interim solution for play area:

Options were presented for

a)    Removal of small multi-play unit for safety reasons and levelling of ground pending the Major Project to refurbish the Play Area. Cost £100 max.  This action to be accompanied by detailed signage explaining the reason for the action and outlining the planned refurbishment of the play area in total, for which part-funding from grants will be sought.  Also to solicit volunteers to participate in the project/fundraising and to contribute ideas to the planning stage. 

b)    Repair of the small multi-play unit for safety reasons, in order to keep it in use pending the Major Project to refurbish the Play Area. Cost approx £300.

c)    Replacement of small multi-play unit & springers with new equipment as an interim move. Cost £12,000 - 15,000.  n.b. This element of cost would not then be eligible for grant-funding.


Following due consideration of the options and associated costs, the overall vote, by virtue of the Chairman’s deciding vote, resulted in favour of option (a).  PC undertook to produce a laminated sign explaining developments.


PC to research Grant Funding opportunities and report at the September council meeting.

MD to secure Village Hall Trustees agreement for council to apply for grants in their name - as owners of the play area which is leased to the council.


  1. 7.    Approval of cheques:

The clerk presented a number of timely cheques for signature, which will be recorded on the financial report to be presented at the September meeting.




The next full council meeting will be held on Monday7th September 2015.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7:45 pm and the Councillors agreed - in view  of the failing light - to do part of the Annual Walk - the cemetery and play area - resuming next Monday, 10th, to complete the full parish inspection.







Signed ……………………………….                                 Dated:




Minutes of the Meeting of South Walsham Parish Council held on

 Monday, 6th July 2015 in the Village Hall at 7:30pm. 


Malcolm Dennis       John Debbage         Rod Russell              Malcolm Steward    

Peter Crook               Darren Debbage      Debra Dennis (Clerk)                                  

  1. 1.    Apologies:   Roger Jones
  1. 2.    Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda: JD 5ix; RR 5iii. 
  1. 3.    District & County Councillor Report: none received. Apologies received from Cllr O’Neill.

Police Report: PCSO Bob Hall sent his apologies and reported that there were 3 recorded crimes within the parish in May and 3 in June. These were a mix of 4 Domestics; 1 theft of outboard motors, Fleet Lane and 1 assault, Burlingham Rd.

Public Forum, including any comments on planning matters:

  1.               i.        A parishioner highlighted that the road surface of The Street, from the post office to School Rd, was in a terrible state, with sunken drain covers, uneven tracks and one stretch having been re-filled recently, lying proud of the main level. Clerk to report to Highways.
  2.             ii.        The bin at pilson green was reported as overflowing and smelling. This refuse bin is the responsibility of the parish council. Peter will empty it this time and explore with neighbouring residents, options for regular emptying. 
  1. 4.    Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on 18th May 2015 were agreed to be correct and were signed by Malcolm Dennis.                              
  1. 5.    Matters Arising – for information ONLY:

i)             Overgrown hedges on The Street – another complaint received about hedges outside No’s 5 & 7, from parishioner who was clipped by a lorry’s wing mirror, having been forced to walk too far out on footpath. Clerk has reported to Highways – yet again. MS spoke to owner of No7 who was not happy to be asked to cut back his ancient hedging. Councillors to inspect on Annual Village Walk in August.

ii)            Reports of vandalism at Play Area – police patrols continue.  CCTV installed on Village Hall, trained on the play area. No evidence of further vandalism. Matter closed.

iii)           Removal of waste facilities at Staithe – Friday collections have been introduced & BDC continue to respond positively to reported fly-tipping/overflowing bins. District Councillor O’Neill to be asked to help resolve a more satisfactory permanent solution. At the request of the parish council, BDC prepared signs for the moorings (of which the parish has more than Upton & Ranworth combined) advising that boat refuse disposal facilities are not available at the staithe or in the village. Unfortunately, the wording applied was misleading, stating “no waste” facilities were available, when there ARE pump out facilities at Russell’s boatyard. Clerk to request re-wording of signs to reflect true position.

iv)           Approach to improve relationship with BDC – meeting re planning enforcement issue Ranworth Rd deferred pending results of private enforcement action. Also outstanding matter of tree line at Mr Murrell’s Hemblington devt. Both matters to be discussed at September meeting when results of private action are known.

v)            Staithe car park – nil response from BDC to request for re-surfacing. Clerk to write again and copy in District Cllr O’Neill.


vi)           Registers of Interests signed by BDC Monitoring Officer distributed to Councillors.

vii)         Cemetery Management – Updated Cemetery Management Rules – as approved by JCBF – submitted for PC & PCC approval. Councillors unanimously resolved to accept. PC will inform JCBF. Once the revision has PCC approval, 2 grave-digging contractors will be appointed. Clerk to send Peter contact details of all Funeral Directors accessing the site and any history on performance of their diggers. Peter (& Wendy from the PCC) were thanked for their work on the Revised Rules.

viii)         Youth Advocate role – Darren reported that the approach is aimed at giving young people a voice in their communities. Cllrs from Upton & Woodbastwick are also involved & Rev Garrard has confirmed interest in the creation of a Youth Council across the United Benefices. Darren will update the council as matters progress.

ix)            The reported “neighbour dispute” between Fairhaven Trust and owners of South Walsham Hall is not an item for the council to consider as there is no planning issue to discuss. Item closed.

x)            The response from BDC CEO to the complaint re handling of Election Count merely re-iterated his previous statement, failing to address specific points raised. Item closed.

xi)           Tom Garrod apologised for missing the May meetings and asked to be informed of future meeting dates. Clerk to respond with dates and add him to the parish database, alongside the 2 District Councillors. Item closed.

xii)         Duncan Slade apologised for any mess left following completion of tree works, but stated that it is standard to leave the chippings on site. Item closed. 

6. Planning Matters:

a) Application 20150963 Mr Amodio, The Homestead, 7 The Street, creation of new double garage. Councillors expressed Reservations re Visibility; Vehicular Access; Closeness to hedge and tree; narrowness of footpath.  Clerk to reply to Planning Dept. 

7. Councillors’ Reports:

The new distribution of responsibilities was agreed as:- 

Peter Crook

Burlingham Road Development

St Lawrence’s & JCBF

Fairhaven Primary School

Fairhaven Pre-School


Emergency Planning 

Darren Debbage

Broadland Youth Advocate

Play Area

Emergency Planning 

John Debbage

Highway Rangers

Burlingham Wood

Tree Warden

The Charities 

Malcolm Dennis

Chairman’s duties

Village Hall

Recreation Field

Village Green 

Roger Jones


The Staithe

Marsh Rd Pond

Emergency Planning 

Rod Russell

The Staithe

Staithe Car Park 

Malcolm Steward

Vice-Chairman’s duties

Play Area

Pilson Green Pond

Kidmans Corner Pond

The Charities

Emergency Planning


Ken Turner will continue as the third parish council representative on JCBF.


This month:-

  1. 1.    PC – Burlingham Rd Development - a 40% share of the value of the ransom strip created by the surrender of the play area lease, facilitating access to the development site, has been agreed with Circle Housing Wherry. NPS are drawing up a detailed scheme for planning permission for this approved development.
  2. 2.    PC - Churchyard lighting - the JCBF are fundraising & seeking sponsorship towards the £6,500 costs. PC asked that the council might consider contributing at some point. 

8. Correspondence: 

i)              CPRE Membership Renewal – approved for payment. Clerk to explore whether they are able to  assist with the issue of refuse facilities at staithe.

ii)             Request from Phil Denman for cash for fuel for footpath strimming. £30 payment approved, to be accompanied by letter of appreciation for his efforts on behalf of the parish.

iii)            BDC Development Management DPD Notifications List. Noted.

iv)           Request from Fete committee for direction re remaining funds. Darren to explore interest in this useful fundraising opportunity, at the next Village Hall Trustees meeting. Representatives of some groups have expressed interest in participating, following this year’s WI mini-fete which was well-received. Cllrs to also consider ideas for further distribution of some of the existing reserved funds from previous fetes, for Sept council meeting.

v)            Bus Shelter Maintenance Survey. Clerk to complete for both shelters.

vi)           Continuation of Parish Partnerships Scheme. Noted.

vii)          Internal Auditor approval of year end accounts received – accounts passed to External Auditor.

viii)         Parishioner complaint received re the state of Kingfisher Lane and in particular the speed bumps and shingle recently installed at the staithe end. Clerk to report to Highways.

ix)           Parishioner complaint re blocked road drains on Oakfield Drive. Clerk to report to Highways. 

  1. 9.    Annual Village “Walk”:

The councillors agreed to meet at the village hall at 7pm on Monday 3rd August to start this annual inspection of the parish. 

10. Refurbishment of Pilson Green bus shelter:

RR to secure 3 quotes to have the shelter stripped, treated and a sealant finish applied. 

11. Refurbishment of the seat around the Oak Tree on the Village Green

RR to secure 3 quotes for the necessary work. 

     12. Play Area Refurbishment and Car Park Extension Project:

MS presented options and costings for 4 phases of the project. For Safety reasons, phase 1 presents a pressing need, with grant funding needing to be explored for further phases.  Costs could be saved by arranging a working party to dismantle the old equipment.

Joint meeting of the Parish Council, Hall Trustees, Fairhaven Trust and Fairhaven School & PTA to be arranged for 22nd July in order to discuss, prioritise and plan an agreed approach. MD & MS to agree the agenda. MS will summarise the options and costings for this meeting and also confirmed his willingness to Project Manage whatever is agreed.

RR suggested that NCC should also be involved, in the hope that they can point towards grants to apply for. It was suggested that an approach to the Highways Partnerships scheme for the car park extension might be appropriate. 

13. Parish Website: work should be completed prior to the September meeting. 

14. Treasurer’s Report:See attached report. The invoices were approved for payment. 

15. Any Other Business: none. 

The next meeting will be held on Monday7th September 2015. 

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:40 pm. 

Signed ……………………………….                                 Dated: