The next meeting of South Walsham Parish Council will be held on

Monday, 8th April 2013 in St Lawrence’s Centre at 7.30 pm    




1)    To consider apologies for absence

2)    To adjourn the meeting for district and county councillor reports and police reports

3)    To receive declarations of interests in items on the agenda

4)    To confirm minutes of the previous meeting held on 4th March 2013

5)    To report matters arising from previous minutes

i) Kingfisher Lane restoration

ii) Bonfire remains on recreation ground.

iii) Ranworth Sign on Green

iv Planning Enforcement at The Stables, Ranworth

v) Funding for Defibrillators

vi) Anglian Water – request to extend sewerage system

vii) Trees on Wymers Lane and School Rd – County Farms response

viii) Roadsweeper routes within parish

ix) Restored phone box – proposals re support from local businesses

6)    To adjourn the meeting for public comments on planning matters

7)    To consider planning matters. Including:


8)    To consider councillors’ reports:

i)         Playing field, including conifers – John Debbage            ii)         Churchyard - Roger Jones

iii)         Cemetery – John Debbage                                iv)        Village hall – Malcolm Dennis

v)         Play area - John Debbage                                vi)         Burlingham Rd play area – Malcolm Dennis

vii)        Burlingham Road wood – Peter Crook                viii)       The Green – Malcolm Dennis

ix)         The Staithe – Rod Russell and Roger Jones       x)         Pilson Green Pond – Malcolm Steward

xi)         Rickety Hill – Malcolm Dennis                            xii)        The Charities – John Debbage

xiii)       The Fête – Peter Crook                                      xiv)       Tree warden – John Debbage

xv)        St Lawrence’s Committee – Peter Crook             xvi)       Fairhaven Primary School – Peter Crook

xvii)      Website – Peter Crook                                       xviii)     BDC/NCC liaison – Malcolm Steward

xix)       Insurance – Malcolm Steward                             xx)        Emergency Planning – M Steward & P Crook

xxi)       Highways/Rangers – Ken Turner             xxiii)     Kidmans Corner Pond – Ken Turner

xxii)      Marsh Road Pond – Ken Turner                          xxv)      JCBF – Ken Turner, Roger Jones & Peter Crook

xxiv)     Staithe car park – Rod Russell                           xxvi)     Fairhaven Pre-School – Peter Crook                  

9)    To consider correspondence, including:

i)              NALC 2013/4 subscription

ii)             BDC Chargeable Refuse & Recycling Service 2013/14


10) To receive an update on the School Road Footway Feasibility Study from NCC

11) To consider the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan

12) To receive an update on the Conservation Area Consultation

13) To receive an update on the Local Development Framework

14) To agree the Treasurer’s Report & approve cheques for payment

15) To receive an update on the Community Development Plan

16) To adjourn the meeting for public forum

17) To report any other business - note that this is to report matters for inclusion in a                    

future agenda or matters which require no decision to be made by the Council


All residents are very welcome to attend the Next Parish Council Meeting on

Monday, 13th May 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in St Lawrence’s Centre.


Debra Dennis, 3rd April 2013