Parish Council

The parish council meets monthly in the village hall, (7.30pm on the first Monday of each month except August). All residents are welcome to attend these meetings to find out at first-hand about all sorts of village matters which may be of interest to them, and there is an opportunity to ask questions and raise village issues with the councillors.

Should a member of the public have any reason to complain about the council, the council has a formal complaints procedure and copies of this are available from the clerk. 


Council members:-

 Chairman - Malcolm Dennis, Tel 01603 270255


 Vice-chair -  Malcolm Steward, Tel 01603 - 270659 Email:


 Rod Russell, Tel 01603 - 270262/ 270113 (evenings) 


 Roger Jones, Tel 01603 - 270771 


 Peter Crook, Tel 01603 - 270451 Email: 


 John Debbage, Email:


 Darren Debbage 


 Parish clerk:- 


 Debra Dennis, 01603 - 270255 Email: